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Single Port Surgeries

Bilio pancreatic diversionA new surgery called Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) was performed for the first time in India, at Asian Bariatrics, an single specialized bariatric surgery hospital in India. “An incision is made at the naval (umbilicus) and specially designed port is inserted into abdominal cavity. This specially designed port has three or four smaller punctures and specially designed flexible instruments which are placed inside the tummy through these smaller entry points.

This approach is usually performed by experienced laparoscopic surgeon as SILS needs special surgical skills because it is difficult to maneuver four surgical instruments through a single puncture of 2cm and it is difficult to navigate through high amount of fat present in obese patients”. This weight loss surgery is a boon especially for young girls and women who want to shed weight but would not want a scar.

“With obesity incidence increasing in young and unmarried girls in the age group of 17–27years who want to get operated but do not want surgical scars approach for SILS. People would know patient got a surgery done only if he or she chooses to tell”. We also perform gastric band and gastric imbrications’ through SILS.

Weight loss surgery done through a single incision for first time in India. Weight loss surgery for morbidly obese people who have not been able to shed weight through other means is now possible without a single scar! Conventionally, four or five incisions of 5–15mm had to be made to perform the laparoscopic weight loss procedure, leaving small scars but still visible on tummy. Advances in access technique has now made it possible that these bariatric procedures can be conducted through the natural scar of the umbilicus.

“It is challenging to perform SILS for advance procedure like sleeve gastrectomy, but when you see patient pain free and scar-free, it is satisfying.”


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