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  • Hindocha Nita
    - Ms.Hindocha Nita (Singapore)
    - Before Surgery 77kg | After surgery 59kg | Total Weight Loss 18kg in 3 Months.
    When I was FAT, I felt shy to be photographed. I took side views and then half-cropped my photos to feel less ashamed of my bulging arms, tummy and all else. Well, that changed when my bariatric surgeon touched his magic knife on me. I am reborn now. Fantastic recovery, no complications, no stress of extra kilos. I lost 18 kilos and am still losing weight at a steady and healthy pace. No, I don’t feel weak. In fact I feel more energetic as I have to carry 18 kilo less weight on my tiny feet. I walk with a spring just like a teenager. I now proudly wear skirts and tight clothes. If I were in India, I would sit at our hospital lobby daily and reassure all potential patients to hurry up for surgery. I regret why I delayed my surgery. I have no fear of diabetes or blood pressure because I am so healthy. Little food makes me feel full and happy. I have no cravings for unhealthy fatty or sugary food. I wonder how my surgeon corrected my brain and willpower through stomach surgery. “Asian Bariatric is a world class hospital with outstanding professionalism, hygiene and ethics.
    I used to pray to God to make me slim in next life. But I must have done good Karma that I didn’t have to die FAT. In this very life, a slimmer and more beautiful me was born and my creator was my surgeon.
    God is busy manufacturing human in mass production. So, He may leave some defects. Now, God has allowed His representatives to finetune His defective pieces.
    Thank you Asian Bariatric, for creating me so beautiful. Oh, and I now love posing for photos.

  • - Mr Samarth Shah
    Now I am able to concentrate & work on my business because my business require frequent travelling.
    Million thanks to Asian Bariatrics for changing my life.

    Weight:before:180 After: 93

  • - Ms Shilpa Pujara

    Now I am able to travel , perfom puja-sitting on the floor, play with my children & Endless activities.Thank you Asian for making my life worth living

    Weight: before:119 After:75

  • - Mrs. Neha Bhatt
    We got 500% results!”- says Deepak Bhai Bhatt (Husband of patient)I was once a National Judo Champion & have won 3 Gujarat Gaurav Awards in 3 consecutive years.
    After which, due to weight I could not enjoy my life. I am grateful to Asian Bariatrics for giving me joy back for playing again and giving me the most beautiful gift of our smiling child” says Neha Bhatt.

  • - Mrs. Ashlesha Namjoshi
    Today I can fulfill my dream of Climbing the Everest.Journey from FAT to FIT- ASHLESHA NAMJOSHI, a 44 year old lady.
    I had always decided that I would give a good go at trying to lose weight all by myself. All I could see were the scales going up and down with negligible result. Along with this, I was also suffering from many metabolic co-morbidities like primary hypertension, knee & back pain, snoring and dyspnoea. After meeting the team at Asian Bariatrics, and lots of researching, my journey towards healthy life began on 18th September, 2014. I decided, I wanted to have Bariatric Surgery done. Sounds scary, but I had faith in the team especially my surgeon, Dr. Mahendra Narwaria.
    I have heard that magic always atleast once in a lifetime. Thanks to Asian Bariatrics Team and my family, I got back in shape from 5 XL to L. I have lost 35 kg & all diseases and gained back my smile, confidence and respect.

  • - Zubeda Begam
    A Bengaluru resident,260 Kgs weight, who had been bed-ridden for more than four months, refused for surgery by top hospitals of Bangalore and Mumbai, refused by Air ambulance to be brought to Ahmedabad was operated at Asian Bariatrics.
    Her operation was very risky as she suffered from hypo-thyroid, adrenal insufficiency, hypo tension, diabetes mellitus and pulmonary hypertension. She weighed almost 60 kgs down after a month of her surgery. Her family states that the doctor came as a God to them, bringing her back, when they had lost all hopes for her.
  • nisha-ahir-before-afte
    - Nisha Ahir
    At the age of 14, she started gaining weight and losing confidence due to hormonal imbalance. She was later diagnosed pre-diabetic, high cholesterol and was taking medicine for depression for almost 1.5 years.
    She states it was her surgery day, since she has never looked back. She proudly tells ” I got my SMILE back, which I missed the most.” She now weighs 64 Kgs and states she has now very became proactive, whereas before she simply used to be lazy most of the times.
    - MK Joshi
    An individual who worked almost 40 years of his life on feet faced a weight increase from 65 Kgs to 151 Kgs in last few years, along by came diabetes, blood pressure and breathing problems.
    He got operated although old, but at an old age of 68. He was very proactive for surgery, as he never wanted to be dependent on others. His family physician told him, he would not be able to survive for more than 6 months, but now he lives a perfect healthy life even after 2.5 years of his surgery. His weight is 82 Kgs today he states that he feels young again ready to work and play for more years.
  • Rishi Khatau
    - Rishi Khatau
    The cute kid who weighed normal when he was born, eventually started putting up weight fast. At 4 years and 8 months, his weight was 45 Kgs.
    He was diagnosed with Prader Willi syndrome(PWS) which meant his body was unable to burn calories properly and also suffered from Sleep Apnea. He was operated as the youngest child ever operated for Bariatric surgery. After 9 months of his surgery he now weighs 31 Kgs and can easily do swimming, cycling, running and enjoys life.
  • Parshotambhai  Patel
    - Parshotambhai Patel
    An Individual who just craved for a healthy and happy life was stuck by diabetes from last 8 years which also led to severe knee pain and high blood pressure levels. His weight also increased to 99 Kgs.
    After trying all methods to control Sugar levels, a relative suggested him for bariatric surgery. He states this has been the best decision made by him, by far. The biggest fear of his life was taking insulin which he has now overcome.
  • Asha Desai
    - Asha Desai
    A very beautiful lady as stated by her daughter, started gaining weight suddenly after the age of 45 years.
    She suffered from diabetes, arthritis an meningitis. Eventually her movements had been completely restricted and she also had to take support of a stick and then a wheel chair for walking after her weight reached 109 Kgs. She had tried naturopathy and some other weight loss programs but her weight regained after some time. Now after 10 months of her surgery, she is now able to easily walk without the support of stick or wheel chair and the family is happy to have her back in action.
  • Lost weight – gained confidence
    I was facing the reality of dying young just because of excess weight and feeling of being neglected.
    It was mandatory for me to lose weight. I had tried all kinds of diet, gym, medicines but none of those worked. I had lost all hopes of being cured. Then one of my friends suggested the option of bariatric surgery. I met Dr. Manish Khaitan and decided to go for it. There began my journey towards new life.
    After Surgery: Diabetes, poor sleep patterns and breathlessness got gradually corrected. A new chapter of the life began. I regained my confidence and self-respect. Now I am enjoying each moment of life but with permanent commitment to manage my diet and exercise as a part of my life.

    - Ms. Bhavna Thakkar


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